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We are proud to be

Exclusive Distributor for Sunportpower

Foreseeing a huge future, MPMC is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Sunportpower in Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabias.

High Efficiency

MWT back contact cell and modules with busbar-free design and higher efficiency.

High Reliability

Conductive back sheet 2D encapsulation without soldering, resulted lower degradation under multiple extreme testing condition.

Lead Free

Eco-friendly PV design achieves Lead-free MWT module without soldering materials.

Power Your Future With MPMC Hybird


MPMC Hybrid has developed sophisticated energy storage solutions to help with living green, shuttling green, manufacturing green and linking green.

We are always a faithful partner, reputed manufacturer, and sustainable solution seeker. MPMC Hybrid energy storage ensures power supply. Disregarding the disadvantage of solar power system on complete dependence on main grid at night. By expanding the capacity, other than saving on electric bills, excess electricity can also be sold into the grid. Our LiFePO4 batteries proves to be long-lasting, intelligent, cost-effective and greatly shortening the investment return period.

Which MPMC Hybrid Energy Solution are you looking for?



Our residential energy storage solution covers single phase 3 kW, 5 kW and three phase 10 kW, this range is predominantly designed for PV self-consumption, back-up power, load shifting and off-grid solutions for household applications.

Output Power 3000W

Output Power 5000W


Output Power 10000W

Industrial Energy Storage Solutions

HBD Series perform extraordinary stability and flexibility in on-grid industrial application, which is also highly integrated of 2MWh battery storage, BMS and operation monitoring system. It is designed with standard external communication protocol to realize reliable external communication and scheduling.

System Capacity 1MWh

System Capacity 2MWh

*Customized Capacity

Portable Power Station

MPMC Guardion Series portable power stations are designed to meet the requirement of outdoor power supply whenever and wherever you need it.

Semookii 300
Semookii 300Pro
Semookii 500
Semookii 600

Uninterruptible Power Supply

MPMC UPS System provides consistent and reliable power for mission-critical data center infrastructure with quick response to sudden electricity outages. It has excellent performance in heat dissipation, space utilization, high density easy operation and long lifespan.

Output Power 7.2kW

Lithium-Ion Battery for LEV/UTV

HBM Series batteries for light electric vehicles ease your way of getting around. They are easy to install/remove, light in weight and water-proof. The box was aluminium alloy made to ensure good performance in heat dissipation

LEV Series

Electric bikes/scooters/carts

UTV Series

Special EVs

All-In-One Hybrid Energy

MPMC Hybrid Energy Storage WSB/SB Series provide stable, reliable, safe and convenient electric energy for residential electricity consumption. The integration of solar power, wind turbines and energy storage systems of MPMC Energy Storage helps to realize independent power generation.

WSB Series


WB Series


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With our cutting edge distributed hybrid energy cloud technology and “More Power Cloud” customer service APP, MPMC Hybrid has became the world-leading hybrid cloud power solution expert with 24-hour “cloud services” for different customers all over the world.

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