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Solar, Wind & Battery Hybrid Power Station

MPMC Hybrid Energy Solutions WSB / SB Series provide stable, reliable, safe and convenient electric energy for residential electricity consumption. The integration of solar power, wind turbines and energy storage systems of MPMC Hybrid Energy Solutions help to realize independent power generation, which greatly reduces the dependence on grid utility and lowers the cost of electricity consumption with peak power shaving.

The system is aesthetically designed with retractable solar panels, wind turbines and lithium-ion phosphate batteries, and eco-friendly, making zero noise and no emissions. Wind powered system is optional.

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Why Choose MPMC WSB/SB Series Hybrid Power Station


Benefit/Impact MPMC (W)SB® Series Main Grid Rooftop PV
Construction Cost Integrated installation, convenient storage and transportation;
Needs lifting equipment for handling.
Easy access to the electricity Limited to the roof area and how much weight it can hold, the modification may cause damage to the rainproof layer or even collapse;
Careful configuration and install- ation needed through investigation.
Dependence on
Main Power
Realizing energy independence and decreasing cost of power consumption;
Green, renewable and clean energy, supported and subsidized locally.
High cost of electricity Completely dependent on main grid at night.
Operation & Maintenance User-friendly operation and easy maintenance.
with modularized structure.
Third-party operation and maintenance. Should be inspected or serviced by a solar-technician for safety for your home and the system.
Flexibility Capacity can be expanded to certain range;
Relatively fixed capacity.
Stable power supply with no limitation to power and range. Capacity can be expanded according to limited roof area.
Availability Generating eletricity whenever needed through solar power, wind turbines and energy storage system;
Increase annual energy production through complementary supply of wind and solar during different times of the day.
No access to power generation while experiencing power outages. Generating eletricity by solar power.
ROI High return on investment and quick return. Paying thousands of dollars for
electricity bill every year.
Solar panel payback period for homes could be 10 years.


How do MPMC Hybrid Power Station connect your power




Model WSB-5 WSB-7.5 WSB-10
Rated Power 5kVA 7.5kVA 10kVA
Rated Output Voltage 230Vac/1P 230Vac/1P 230Vac/1P
System Storage Capacity 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh
Max. Batter Capacity 20kWh 20kWh 20kWh
Max. Solar Power 2500W 2500W 2500W
Daily Power Generation 10kWh 10kWh 10kWh
Max Wind Power 400W 400W 400W
Rated Wind Speed 10m/s 10m/s 10m/s
Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Pack Rated Capacity 5.22kWh 5.22kWh 5.22kWh
Cycle Time 8000 8000 8000
Discharge Depth 0.9 0.9 0.9
Expand Dimenson 5420x3820x6000mm 5420x3820x6000mm 5420x3820x6000mm
Loading Capacity of 40’HC 16 units 16 units 16 units
Operating Temperature -15°C~50°C -15°C~50°C -15°C~50°C

Download Datasheet: SB-5-10 / SB-7.5-15 / SB-10-20 / WSB-5-10 / WSB-7.5-15 / WSB-10-20


Saving Money with MPMC Hybrid

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