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MPMC Solar Pump System

Solar pump is the easiest way for farmer to produce energy, and also an eco-friendly living style for homes or communities to build up a beautiful fountain. MPMC solar pump system presents a clean, simple and energy-efficient alternative to traditional electric and fuel-driven pump sets, especially for those living off the electricity grids.

High Efficeincy

25% Efficiency Improved alternating current machines by the permanent magnetism, direct current, brushless, non-sensor motor.

Motor Insulation > 300M

It improves motor security while adopting double plastic package for rotor and stator, motor insulation > 300M.


Convenient installation and environmental protection.

Stainless Steel Case

Stainless steel case, strong and durable, safe and reliable, not easy to rust.

100% Copper Motor

With over current protection device, pump overload, such as a case of automatic stop.

High Precision Rotor

Precision machining, higher efficiency, stable operation, longer life.

High Efficiency Bearing

Run silent and smooth, high load, lubricating oil, long life.
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How It Works


This product is mainly used in dry region for irrigation of agriculture.
It can be used for drinking water and living water. The living condition could be much improved. It also can be used for fountains.


Protection Functions of Eight

1. High voltage protection
2. Low voltage protection
3. Over-current protection
4. Stalling protection
5. Open phase protection
6. Start to protect
7. Prevent the protection
8. Controller, temperature limited frequency protection
Tech Data

Using Range & Power Range

Using Range
1. Installation: The controller should be installed in well ventilated place to facilitate heat dissipation.
2. Working voltage 24V system is 16-50V. 48V system working voltage for 26-100V; Working voltage of 50-150V, 96V system.
3. The working environment: -15°C – + 60°C.
4. Adapter pumps: 48V brushless DC pump.
5. Input current biggest: 20A Using Range
Power Range
For maximum input power of 0.75 kw water pump.
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With our cutting edge distributed hybrid energy cloud technology and “More Power Cloud” customer service APP, MPMC Hybrid has became the world-leading hybrid cloud power solution expert with 24-hour “cloud services” for different customers all over the world.

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