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Semookii 600 Portable Power Station

Semookii 600 (540Wh) lithium-ion power station has a total output of 600W with multipal fast-charging outlets. It has lighter weight yet bigger power density adopting branded lithium-ion batteries, while maintaining great safety with responsive BMS and product structure.

  • Large capacity: 540Wh / 600W
  • LED lighting with emergency mode.
  • AC/PV/car input to recharge.
  • Certification: PSE, UL, FCC, CA65, UN38.3, MSDS, GB/T 35590-2017
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Charge 9 Devices At The Same Time



  1.  Modular design. US / JP / EU / CN Standard sockets.
  2. Multifunctional outputs. 2 x 12V/4A DC outlets; 2 Pure Sin Wave AC outlets 110V/60Hz 600W; 2 x 18W USB-A ports; 2 x 60w PD quick charge USB-C ports; 1 x 12V/8A car outlet.
  3. Portable power for both outdoor and indoor activities. Large capacity of 600W / 540Wh. Weight 5.6kg (12.35lb) with a solid handle and a shoulder strap that can adjust the length of the straps according to your body length.
  4. LED Light with emergency mode.
  5. Backup power/Emergency power for various electrical appliances, mini fridge, CPAP, laptop, smart phone, TV, digital camera, lights, drone etc.
  6. 3 ways to recharge by solar power, wall outlet and car input. Anderson sockets for better compatibility, stability and safety.


3 Ways to Recharge



Compact Structure, Stable System



It’s All About Quality


  1.  Fully automated manufacturing, rigorous screening of cells to ensure stability and battery consistency. Internal resistance ratio requirements: 3mV 3mΩ internal resistance <25mΩ
  2. Strict quality control of materials procurement and testing. After finished product tests, it requires to simulate the consumer’s daily use of electrical testing to ensure product accountability and compatibility.
  3. There are production line records for each batch of products tracking real-time production and testing conditions. Data will be retained for long-term observation and guarantee uniformity, which reduces defective products with poor appearances.
  4. Excellent heat dissipation to help achieving higher power while maintaining safety.
  5. The shell is full-fireproofed materials.
  6. Reliable BMS protecting the safe operation of the portable power station and responds quickly.



Powering Your Appliances


What devices can I use a portable power station to charge



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