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Micro Wind Power Station

HW Series / 100W-400W

Micro wind power station applies to architectural designs with the ease of installation and low maintenance.It functions without compromising existing structures.It fits on a steel beam, without interfering surrounding architecture.Small volume, light weight and VERY LOW noise.

  • Integrated design and storage unit .
  • Low WIND Speed Start <1.5m/s.
  • The installation height is much Lower than the traditional fan.
  • High efficiency with strong power generating ability.
  • All blades using a professional debug system with low working
  • ease of installation, maintenance and service of the equipment.
  • With optimized air-operated structure and aerodynamic shape, wind power coefficient and annual energy output highly enhanced.
  • Multi-wind adjustment installation, can adapt to various environmental requirements to fill international GAP.
  • Self – locking at high wind speed, without damaging the fan.
  • On/Off Grid.

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