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MPMC “More Cloud” system is a mobile App developed mainly for the post market of generator industry.

Through the developing stream of Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile App, it aims to develop international one-stop solution of after-sales service.

It can also support PC ternimal.

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Maintenance Guide

  • Cleaning the surface of turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter etc. with a dry cloth.
  • Check the coolant quantity, lubrication oil quantity.
  • Check the fuel level in the tank, add enough if necessary.
  • Check the situation of air filter, oil filter and fuel filters. Solve the leakage in oil/fuel and coolant systems if necessary.
  • Eliminate the air leakage in intake and exhaust pipes, cylinder head gasket and turbocharger.
  • Check the installation situation of every accessory, including the stability of each parts and the reliability of the connection between anchor bolts and relative parts.
  • Check the meters.
  • Check ATS cabinet.

MPMC Diesel generators daily maintenance and overhaul should be done by qualified engineer team.

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